Ragdoll Performing Arts

0 Months to Walking

We currently offer a range of fun, confidence building educational dance classes starting with our Unique Pre-School program Ragdoll Performing Arts. Classes start from Newborn upwards where Mummies and little people can bond. Nannies & Special carer’s are always welcome.


Baby Orchestra

Mummies and little people can bond with each other and help communication through this class. Jam packed with baby Signing methods, Music, Actions & Exercises’, Mummies not only have a great time with their own special little one but also enjoy interacting and connecting with other parents makes this class a unique and valuable learning experience.


Babydoll Dance & Sing

Once our little people can walk, they can graduate to our “Babydoll Dance & Sing” class. This is alongside Parents & Carers, as we go on a weekly adventure learning new skills and singing songs together. If your child has an interest in dancing, acting or singing they will enjoy our classes and experience a range of exciting dance styles based on Ballet, choreography and imaginative creative drama. For younger children, this is a great opportunity to develop social skills whilst laying the foundation for confidence in the classroom and a love of the creative.


Boogie Bears

For Busy Babies & Toddlers that have too much energy we have the “Boogie Bears” class. Along side Parents & Carers, A fun and exciting high pace class where you travel on an exciting adventure each week. Based on Jazz technique little people will learn exciting new skills whilst using their imagination and creative expression to run, jump, and boogie away!

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